If You Are Denied after You Apply for Disability claim in Chico

If your Social Security Disability claim is denied when you first apply for Disability claim in Chico, don’t be surprised or discouraged. Almost all applicants are at first denied. The reality is that the entire process, from the time of the initial application in Chico through the possible appeals procedure, can be quite lengthy.

In general, those claimants whose applications are initially approved have severe disabilities that meet Social Security medical listing criteria. About one third of all applicants comprise this group. The other two thirds must appeal, particularly those who have a likelihood of returning to work.

If your initial application is denied after you apply for Disability claim in Chico, it is helpful to realize that your claim was not reviewed by the Social Security Administration. A contract agency worker made the denial. Your claim must be denied and appealed twice before you will be able to have a hearing before a social Security Administration judge.

Your chances of winning an appeal can be enhanced by having a Chico Social Security attorney helping you.  He or she will labor to demonstrate that you have a low enough residual function that keeps you from being able to work any common job or any job you have previously held in the past fifteen years.

When you apply for Disability claim in Chico and are denied, a Social Security Disability attorneys may be capable of assisting you in winning your claim on appeal. For a free evaluation, fill out the form on this page.

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